I have been a member of Sunrise Meadows BOD in a variety of capacities for around twelve years, including Vice President and President. During this process I have had experience with three residential management companies incluing I&I. By far, I&I has been the most reliable, honest and easiest firm with which to be associated for several reasons.


One of the most important reasons why I have found this to be true is the in depth level of education and experience that I&I "brings to the table". Such combination of knowledge, experience and integrity helps our BOD research issues and make decisions with competence and confidence. I haven't lost much sleep in this process. And such professionalism has encouraged me to remain a part of Sunrise Meadows leadership team as long as I have.

Bill Young,

Board Member, Sunrise Meadows


I&I Property Management is an organization of property management experts. Our philosophy is based on the principals of pure customer service. Our clients are the Associations and Boards of Directors we serve. Look here for resources that we have to offer.


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Clovis Fire Department                                               324-2200

Fresno Fire Department                                              621-4199

Fresno County Fire Department                                493-4300

Madera County Fire Department                               675-7703



Clovis Police Department                                           324-2800

Fresno Police Department                                          621-7000


Sherriff Department:

Fresno County Sherriff Department                           600-3111

Madera County Sheriff Department                          675-7770


Highway Patrol:

California Highway Patrol                                          227-7250


Fresno Public Utilities:

Code Enforcement                                                   621-8003

Garbage                                                                      621-1452

Graffiti                                                                         621-2489

Operation Clean Up                                                  621-1452

Fresno County Health Department                        600-3200

Fresno City Parks & Recreation                               621-2900

Fresno County Parks & Recreation                          600-4078


Fresno Water Division:

Billing                                                                          621-6888

Regulations                                                                 621-5480

Watering Schedule                                                     621-5480

After Hours Emergency                                              621-1100


Clovis Public Utilities:

Clovis Public Utilities                                                  324-2130

Clovis Municipal Code                                                324-2390

Clovis Parks & Recreation                                          324-2600

Garbage                                                                        324-2604

Graffiti                                                                          324-2426



24 Hour Outages                                                         800-743-5002

Customer Service                                                        800-743-5000


Animal Organizations:

Animal Compassion Team                                          299-6364

Clovis Animal Shelter                                                  324-2450

SPCA                                                                               233-7722




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