I & I Property Management's Beverly Stairs and Tracey Welch insure European Glen's business affairs run smoothly, giving sage advice to our Board and take care of the many little things that matter!

Chuck Sant'Agata,

Board President, European Glen


Specializing in management of community associations, both residential and business, and offers a full menu of services.

Does the company you are interviewing belong to the
Community Associations Institute® (CAI)?

CAI is a multi disciplinary membership alliance leading the Community Association Industry. CAI accomplishes this purpose with the highest standards of quality, integrity and professionalism. It is the catalyst in the dynamic development and presentation of educational experiences as a vehicle for the ongoing advancement of the Community Association Industry and competent performance of its participants. It is also the leading promoter of research in the Community Association field, as well as the premiere center on current and future trends and practices.

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Does the property management company who will be managing your Association employ Certified Community Association Managers® (CCAM)?

I & I Property Management is dedicated to furthering the education of all its property managers. We are the only management company in Fresno to be managed by a Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) and a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM designations). All of our property managers hold or are working towards a certified manager designation and have advanced education in their specialized management area.

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Does the company you are interviewing understand the
difference between property management and community
association management?

The management of community associations is far more involved than other property management. The Professional Community Association Manager's job is to manage the complete operations of an association.

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Are the firm and manager familiar with proper collection procedures for delinquent assessments and the new bankruptcy laws regarding homeowner associations?

It is important to be very familiar with the different types of procedures in the collection delinquent assessments. There are many pros and cons in deciding whether to use a non judicial foreclosure or a judicial foreclosure.

Are the firm and manager familiar with the multitude of disclosures
that must be sent on an annual basis to all homeowners in a
community association?

California law requires all community associations to provide annual disclosures regarding their financial health, operational policies and leadership structure. Disclosures are required both to the members of the associations and to various agencies of the State of California.


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