Why I&I Property Management?


Meaningful Work

I&I helps Homeowners’ Associations connect with their residents in a whole new way. We are creating innovative practices every day while focusing on our mission of bringing unity to every neighborhood.

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Good People

Life at I&I centers around our culture. We are a family of service. We thrive in our service oriented environment and the desire to continue being the greatest team for our customers. Our behaviors build trusted relationships.


Unrivaled Rewards

Members of our team enjoy great pay and perks, but they also value the opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry, grow their career with us, and give back while doing so.

Our hiring process.

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Candidates have greater success when their experience strongly matches our job requirements, so make sure the skills and achievements on your resume are aligned to the job description.


Applications are read by real humans who are both experts in interpreting resumes and are familiar with our jobs within a talent segment—not just the one you applied for.


Our competencies-based interviewing process is intended to help us minimize unconscious bias while also making sure we hire people who will thrive in our environment. Steps will vary by team but typically include: phone screen, video conference interview, and a panel interview with department supervisor and owner of the company.


If you're selected, and the fit and timing are right on your end as well, our hiring supervisor will be reaching out to you with our proposed offer and compensation details.


Once you've accepted your offer, you will receive an email asking you for important information. This helps kick start our HR department. The email also includes your start date, time, and who to ask for when you arrive. It certainly gets you ready for Day 1 and sets you up for success!