1. Can I make my payment in your office?

Yes, you can make a payment in our office during business hours.

Business Hours: 8:30AM–12PM, 1–5PM

5100 N Sixth, Suite 164
Fresno, California 93710


2. Where can I mail my payment?

"Your Association Name"
c/o I&I Property Management
PO Box 45455
San Francisco, CA 94145-0455


3. Can I view my account online, access forms, or print out my ledger?

Yes, you can simply log on to your online homeowner portal to view all of your documents. Click on "create an account" if you are creating an account for the first time.

Owner Login


4. How are my assessments used?

Assessments are utilized to pay for all operational expenses for your Associations. These might include insurance, and all common area maintenance and repairs. These Assessments are based on decisions made by your Association and detailed in the Association's budget, which is distributed to all owners on an annual basis.

5. How do I contact the Collection Agency?

If your account is in collections you will be unable to make any online payments. Please contact our offices in order to be directed to the right agency.


6. How can I submit a compliance complaint or maintenance request?

Please use the Home Owner Request form to submit your complaint.


7. When is the next Board Meeting for my Association?

In order to view your Community Calendar that will include Board Meeting dates and other projects that might be taking place, please log on to your homeowner portal or call our office directly. 

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