HOAs and Airbnb clash because of Yosemite.

Fresno has seen a significant rental boom over the last couple years. Have you noticed the same thing happening in your neighborhood? Have you noticed a hike in short-term rentals? National parks have always been the #1 attraction in Fresno. Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Park have all seen record numbers in 2016 and 2017 attracting millions of visitors each year. In fact, according to the National Park Services, Yosemite has seen an increase of 21 percent from a year earlier. So what does all this have to do with rentals and HOAs? Airbnb. 

Short-term rentals are becoming increasingly popular in Fresno as National Park tourism continues to reach new heights. This creates a huge opportunity for homeowners to make extra money by simply renting their home or a bedroom for a couple days. However, most HOA documents do NOT allow for a home to be rented through a short term service like AirBnB.

Homes primarily are required to be used for single family residential use, meaning any type of rental normally must be in longer term increments (minimum 6 months or a year) to a single person or family with the intent of living daily in the community. 

Additionally, many documents do not allow for the running of a business out of a home in the association, AirBnB is considered a business activity. 

Please refer back to your governing documents for specifics on rental restrictions or running a business from the property. It is always important to seek legal counsel for further support and clarification. 


Events You Don't Want To Miss!

There’s never a dull moment in the Valley. This time year especially, when the Valley is filled with great events for all ages and interests to enjoy.

We have compiled just a few of many upcoming favorites that you may want to check out!


Sunday, March 11th, Old Town Clovis opens its streets and stores for your full enjoyment. The Beer Crawl will showcase some of the best breweries, and local food trucks. For more information, please visit oldtownclovis.org/craft-beer-crawl/


ApCal, the “best outdoor live music venue in the Valley,” will host its annual season kickoff party on March 31st. This year they will host one band playing ALL 70s music — one band playing ALL 80s music — one band playing ALL 90s music! For full details and tickets, visit apcalwine.com/apcal-concerts/rock-a-palooza


Sponsored by the Table Mountain Casino, and put on by the Clovis Chamber April 7th-8th. Big Hat Days is the largest two day festival in Central California drawing over 140,000 visitors. To find out more about this fun-filled event, visit clovischamber.com/events/big_hat_days/


The 104th annual Clovis Rodeo will be celebrated on April 26-29. This professional Rodeo will include special events, entertainment acts, and much more! The Clovis Rodeo draws crowds from across the nation, to watch cowboys and cowgirls participate in events such as bareback, saddlebronc, and bullriding. For the full schedule of events, visit http://www.clovisrodeo.com/ww/

So as you can see, the Valley offers many fantastic options for entertainment and fun! We highly encourage you to take advantage of all that the Valley has to offer.


The Future of HOA Amenities

Innovative amenities in master-planned communities are redefining HOA developments. These days, homebuyers aren’t just looking at location when home shopping, they also seek amenities and extraordinary features.

According to a recent Common Ground article, developers across the country are responding to the home buyer’s desire for “a sense of community, and belonging to something bigger than a sub-division tract house.” Buyers are more increasingly, looking for health, fitness, recreation, and cultural opportunities to be at their reach. Here are some of our personal favorites! :

Dog Park - where your dog can romp about off leash, and play with other dogs.

State-of the Art Fitness Center – fully equipped for the private use of residents and their guests.

Community farm and farmers market – here, you can conveniently pick or purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, within walking distance from your home.

Over-sized play structure designed by kids – this monster play area comes complete with a climbing park and giant playground for the little ones to enjoy.

Zoo – a great attraction just in your backyard that’s also pleasurable for the community-at-large.

So, as for the new look of HOA communities, one can only imagine how far developers will go to allure home buyers with special amenities - and we’re looking forward to it!

Food Trucks and HOA's?? Winning!

Should your HOA be in the Food truck business? The answer is most definitely, yes! Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular amongst HOA’s, and I&I highly encourages our HOA board members to join in on this movement as a way to build stronger ties within their communities.

According to a recent Washington Post article, residents are happier when they feel cared for in their community.  Also, residents tend to stay longer and complain less frequently when they like where they live. Food trucks offer a great way to promote togetherness within your HOA community through food and fellowship.

food truck11.jpg

Inviting a food truck into your HOA for lunch or dinner provides a great way for neighbors to come together. Food trucks offer food options for all to enjoy, they are inexpensive, and most importantly it will bring your residents out to engage with one another. Imagine if you will, arriving home from work to find a food truck parked in the common area of your residence. Upon approach, you find your neighbors picking up their dinner, and enjoying one another’s company while doing so. Now, all you have to do is simply walk up to the food truck window and place your order. Bam! Your dinner for tonight is done, and you won’t have any dishes to wash. 

The convenience of it all is well worth the minimal price you will pay for your meal. Plus, you will have an opportunity to chat with familiar faces, make new acquaintances, and you will be the family hero at the dinner table. So, no matter how you slice it or dice it, it’s a win, win.

Our team at I&I values strong community ties and not only encourages our HOA’s to follow suit but, we also make this a practice within our office. For example, after our monthly staff meetings, we have a ‘cell phone free’ lunch as a team. During this time we commune with one another without interruption. This affords us an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation and strengthens our friendships.

We firmly believe that great relationships come out of bringing people together and showing that you care.

food truck6.jpg

Time to "Bloss-Out" in the Valley

Spring arrives early on the Fresno County Blossom Trail. Around mid-February to early March, county orchards of blooming fruit and nut trees offer much pleasantry for all of its visitors to enjoy. Whether by car or bike, you are sure to be amazed by the scenery filled with the likes of peaches, apples, apricots, and plums, just to name a few. The vast array of colors and scents are sure to leave you delighted!

While taking a trip across the trail, you can visit farms, diners, and wineries. One of the first farms you will encounter is the Simonian Farms which has been around since 1901. Here, you will be transported back in time to old Western towns. The stage is set with vintage tractors, restored gasoline pumps, and antique balloon-tire bikes for fun-filled photos.


As you travel further down the trail, wine enthusiast will appreciate stopping by the Cedar View Winery. The winery’s picturesque acres of blossoming fruits are sure to please. While there, you may also want to take the time to discover information about the rare Alicante Bouschet grape. Following the winery, the trail leads you to the Hillcrest Farm in Reedley. At this quaint stop, young travelers will be delighted with a miniature steam train ride that is sure to be a hit!

Clearly, this satisfying day trip offers something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. Be sure to also visit this same trail between May and September for its transition to the Fresno County Fruit Trail. Along this route, you will have the opportunity to visit many seasonal produce stands and acquire mouth-watering souvenirs. Visit gofresnocounty.com, for more information.

Increase Your HOA Meeting Attendance in 2018

It’s a new year and increasing the number of HOA meeting attendees is the goal. So, how do you go about accomplishing this seemingly difficult task?

In an article originally posted by Burke Nielsen in the Utah Chapter Community Association Institute 2017 Quarter 4 Newsletter the following 3 ideas were offered:

1.     Be Open to Member Feedback

 Homeowners have ideas and opinions about their community, and what they think is best for it.  Sure, sometimes their ideas are just plain nuts.  But if you listen you will also find that homeowner input can provide insight into concerns and ideas regarding issues that may be worth exploring.  In addition, homeowners are happier with their community when they feel like the board members share their same interest and are willing to listen.

 2.     Ask for Help

 Many homeowners think that they aren’t needed or even wanted at the HOA meeting.  This makes it difficult to communicate community needs and encourage involvement. In some cases just asking for help can go a long way to getting neighbors involved.

 3.     Make it a Social Event

 Most HOA meetings are just business as usual – and to be honest, they kind of need to be.  After all, most HOAs only have one meeting a month to get their work done. But homeowners find these meetings boring.

 By combining the annual meeting with a neighborhood social, homeowners have another, “fun” reason to go to the meeting. You can always sneak in the financial summary and board member election before dessert.  By making the annual meeting a positive experience that meets the social needs of the members along with the business needs of the HOA, you can improve homeowner moral and encourage more participation.

Boosting the attendee numbers will remain a challenge for community leaders. But, as community leaders continue to encourage the importance of meeting attendance, community members will grow to value being involved.


12 year old Boy Scout melts our heart

A couple weeks ago, a Homeowner called into the office and asked if we could speak to his son as he had something to tell us. He handed the phone to his son, who introduced himself as Roland, Boy Scout of Troop 257, based out of Clovis, CA. He informed us that the American Flag at his Association was starting to look wearisome and was ready to be retired. He asked if he could purchase a new flag out of his own allowance that he had been saving for months and requested that his troop have the honor in properly retiring the flag.

The Manager on the phone was captured by Roland’s request, when she got off the phone, she dashed around the office, telling us about what had just taken place during her conversation with Roland. The story spread like wildfire- the entire staff at I&I fell in love with Roland’s passion and devotion towards American Tradition. The Property Manager informed the Board of Directors who as well, adored Roland’s testimonial and of course granted the request of his troop retiring the flag. The ceremony is scheduled for September 25. Pictures to come!  

We were so touched by Roland’s movement, I&I has pledged to help support Troop 257. If our facebook post gets 5,000 shares, we will donate $5,000 to the Troop! Do your part now, be a “Trooper” and share this story to get Roland and his Troop the $5,000!