Food Trucks and HOA's?? Winning!

Should your HOA be in the Food truck business? The answer is most definitely, yes! Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular amongst HOA’s, and I&I highly encourages our HOA board members to join in on this movement as a way to build stronger ties within their communities.

According to a recent Washington Post article, residents are happier when they feel cared for in their community.  Also, residents tend to stay longer and complain less frequently when they like where they live. Food trucks offer a great way to promote togetherness within your HOA community through food and fellowship.

food truck11.jpg

Inviting a food truck into your HOA for lunch or dinner provides a great way for neighbors to come together. Food trucks offer food options for all to enjoy, they are inexpensive, and most importantly it will bring your residents out to engage with one another. Imagine if you will, arriving home from work to find a food truck parked in the common area of your residence. Upon approach, you find your neighbors picking up their dinner, and enjoying one another’s company while doing so. Now, all you have to do is simply walk up to the food truck window and place your order. Bam! Your dinner for tonight is done, and you won’t have any dishes to wash. 

The convenience of it all is well worth the minimal price you will pay for your meal. Plus, you will have an opportunity to chat with familiar faces, make new acquaintances, and you will be the family hero at the dinner table. So, no matter how you slice it or dice it, it’s a win, win.

Our team at I&I values strong community ties and not only encourages our HOA’s to follow suit but, we also make this a practice within our office. For example, after our monthly staff meetings, we have a ‘cell phone free’ lunch as a team. During this time we commune with one another without interruption. This affords us an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation and strengthens our friendships.

We firmly believe that great relationships come out of bringing people together and showing that you care.

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