The Future of HOA Amenities

Innovative amenities in master-planned communities are redefining HOA developments. These days, homebuyers aren’t just looking at location when home shopping, they also seek amenities and extraordinary features.

According to a recent Common Ground article, developers across the country are responding to the home buyer’s desire for “a sense of community, and belonging to something bigger than a sub-division tract house.” Buyers are more increasingly, looking for health, fitness, recreation, and cultural opportunities to be at their reach. Here are some of our personal favorites! :

Dog Park - where your dog can romp about off leash, and play with other dogs.

State-of the Art Fitness Center – fully equipped for the private use of residents and their guests.

Community farm and farmers market – here, you can conveniently pick or purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, within walking distance from your home.

Over-sized play structure designed by kids – this monster play area comes complete with a climbing park and giant playground for the little ones to enjoy.

Zoo – a great attraction just in your backyard that’s also pleasurable for the community-at-large.

So, as for the new look of HOA communities, one can only imagine how far developers will go to allure home buyers with special amenities - and we’re looking forward to it!