HOAs and Airbnb clash because of Yosemite.

Fresno has seen a significant rental boom over the last couple years. Have you noticed the same thing happening in your neighborhood? Have you noticed a hike in short-term rentals? National parks have always been the #1 attraction in Fresno. Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Park have all seen record numbers in 2016 and 2017 attracting millions of visitors each year. In fact, according to the National Park Services, Yosemite has seen an increase of 21 percent from a year earlier. So what does all this have to do with rentals and HOAs? Airbnb. 

Short-term rentals are becoming increasingly popular in Fresno as National Park tourism continues to reach new heights. This creates a huge opportunity for homeowners to make extra money by simply renting their home or a bedroom for a couple days. However, most HOA documents do NOT allow for a home to be rented through a short term service like AirBnB.

Homes primarily are required to be used for single family residential use, meaning any type of rental normally must be in longer term increments (minimum 6 months or a year) to a single person or family with the intent of living daily in the community. 

Additionally, many documents do not allow for the running of a business out of a home in the association, AirBnB is considered a business activity. 

Please refer back to your governing documents for specifics on rental restrictions or running a business from the property. It is always important to seek legal counsel for further support and clarification.